Friday, February 6, 2009

Promise of Lower Airfares Too Good To Be True? Let's Hope Not

I have long bemoaned the "travel tax" we have too long paid by being the nation's most expensive airport. This tax hits our residents' and businesses' pockets, and also makes us less competitive as a destination. And we at the County encouraged citizens to fill out a survey to show Delta just how much local business they are losing due to their high rates.

The Chamber has also stepped up recently to make it clear just how big a problem this has become for our entire region.

Well, knock on wood, the message may finally be getting through. The Enquirer reports that Delta is proposing a plan to slash fares from 5 to 60% at our airport, effective immediately. If this does happen, it is fantastic news. And we will do all we can to ensure this is not a short-term deal, but something that is a permanent fix to this nagging problem.


Brad Thomas said...

We need to tackle the other "Travel Tax" that is imposed on the residents of Hamilton County--the lack of a widespread, well funded public transportation system.

Cincinnatians spend 20% of their household income on transportation, the sixth most in the country.

Anonymous said...

David - please post or provide a link to the plan you spoke about on Newsmakers this morning. It sounds like it is well thought out. Maybe it would be a good idea to provide links on your blog to pertinent issues/agendas.

David Pepper said...

Thanks. There is a link to it in an earlier post (when I announced it), but I'll add another one.

One Note Brad said...

We need a streetcar. There is no problem that can't be solved by a streetcar. Please build one soon (and they will come).

Chris S said...

This may well have some very positive impact on people flying locally out of CVG for personal travel, and the price cuts are already starting to be publicized. This is good news.

On the not so good news front, Brad isn't wrong at all about the fact that we don't have anything approaching a solution to the real day to day transportation issues facing the residents of Cincinnati. "One Note Brad" - if you can even tell me which bus route goes to the airport without hitting google, I'd be shocked. Again, its about comprehensive public transit, its something Cincinnati is sorely lacking, and we will get even more left behind (we are already well behind on this front, much further behind than our city size should dictate)

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