Monday, February 2, 2009

Giving Dog Owners Another Month

It's a small item . . . unless you own a dog and have not yet obtained your license.

Today, due to the several weeks of cold and snow we've experienced that made just about every task difficult, the Commission passed a resolution giving dog owners until the end of February to obtain their dog licenses for 2009. Ohio law generally sets a January 31 deadline, unless circumstances justify extending it. We believe they did.

By doing this, owners can still get their license for $13, as opposed to paying double that to get it, or facing a fine almost ten times that if they are found not to have a license. Especially when our purpose is to increase the number of owners who get licenses (helping assure the safe return of their dog if it gets loose), we didn't want to penalize people who weren't able to get it done in the last two weeks due to weather and associated hassles.

So you still have a month to get it done. Go to or the Auditor's site to get your license.

And thanks to the SPCA and the County Auditor staff for their hard work to help get as many dogs licensed as possible.

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