Thursday, February 5, 2009

Removing the "Health Care Handcuffs": A Summary of the Change We Helped Enact

A couple months ago, I was thrilled to announce a change that our Criminal Justice Commission and County had successfully pushed for at the state level. And it was a change that I first advocated for right here on this blog (ie. suspending Medicaid, rather than terminating it, while someone is incarcerated, so once they leave jail, they can get the medical care and medicines they need so they don't commit another crime--which is especially important for those battling mental illnesses that lead to their criminal behavior).

A Cleveland Plain Dealer Op-Ed ran yesterday that explained much better than I ever have why this change will be so important in reducing crime and ultimately saving taxpayer dollars, and it recognized our County's contribution to the effort.


Anonymous said...

Kudos for removing the handcuffs. Solutions.


Anonymous said...

David, referring back to your post and comments on Jan 5, you said that the board and treasurer are working together to prevent persons suffering financial hardship from being swept up in the county's aggressive efforts to collect delinquent taxes -- I have talked to a number of employees at the treasurer's office and they insist there is no special programs - you pay the 1/3, or else. Can you please tell me who is coordinating this "special program" and if there isn't really one - could you use the powers vested in the board by the orc to address the problem.
It appears that all this would require is that citizens with extenuating circumstances provide the treasurer with proof of the situation, the development of an alternative payment plan that meets the current economic situation, and then the board approving the plans administratively using the law that allows them to do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

WOW! This health care for mentally ill exiting jail ( and prison, I presume) is absolutely incredible. I bet it becomes a national program. Kudos David, this is incredible for every citizen.
Also, the work in the mental health court is incredible. Seeing these people getting the services and the support structure they need makes ya darn near cry. I don't know what the heck judges did before that program!

David Pepper said...

Anon: what I was referring to was a partnership between the two with respect to the tax lien sale of late last year. Our housing counselors worked with the Treasurer's department to ensure that clients working their way through foreclosure were not part of the sale.

Anonymous said...

CAJD believes that we need to stop using prisons to try and solve social problems, such as mental illness and drug abuse. America has more people in jail than than country in the world. That's shameful!

America the Top Incarcerator would be a great title for a movie starring Will Smith and Mark Walberg, but when you consider it's a reality and not a upcoming movie, your heart has to bleed.

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