Sunday, February 8, 2009

Economic Recovery Strategy

An interview appeared on Channel 12 Newsmakers this morning where I discussed the County's Economic Recovery Strategy.

Several people have asked to read the plan in more detail. To read an overview and then link to the details, click here.


Anonymous said...

When will Washington get it? Relying soley on the private sector or soley the public sector will not impact our economy.
Balance - always look to balance - a blend between public and private. The government should take a look at what local communities are doing to creatively address these issues. They might learn something.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-posting. It's always brave to itemize your objectives. But it almost always assures accomplishment.

On the construction trades: I recently learned that there is no school training people to be heavy equipment operators in the area. (Unless I missed something)My brother works for a company, union, that is willing to promote him and then hire someone else in his postion, if he gets training to operate a backhoe, etc.
Couldn't find a single place offering the training.
If we are to get all this construction work, it might be a good idea to facilitate the training of people in this trade.

Just a thought. We need to identify "green" training too. I thought about changing my major to hoepfully be able to fill some of these abundance of "green" jobs coming - but, again, I can't find a title for this type of position, much less training.

Can't we mandate in all of these contracts minority hiring and minority training? Heck, if just a little of these funds is mandated for training a new employee in the field, we will expand the breadth of our skills

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