Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unsung Heroes: Those Who Help Our Seniors

Tonight, at the annual Senior Services Dinner, I had the great honor of helping congratulate and thank some of our communities' greatest, but most unsung, heroes.

They are the caregivers and organizations that support the many citizens of our community who are aging, and who need some extra assistance to maintain the independent living situation they desire.

First, I honored a senior citizen herself who has, since retiring as a nurse, volunteered tirelessly to care for, screen, counsel and support other seniors--along with recruiting other nurses to do the same.

Then I presented the Outstanding Caregiver Award to a widower who lovingly cared for his wife in every way until the day she passed away, followed by another Outstanding Caregiver who, as a home health aide, has touched so many lives through her passionate, sensitive and respectful approach.

I then recognized Amelia Middle School students for putting together a Seniors Fair for seniors in their community, which featured dancing, singing, informational booths, and food.

And then I recognized Clermont County Communications Director Cathy Lehr and her team, for rallying support behind Clermont County's "adopt a senior" program.

Thanks and congratulations to all the award winners. It was a wonderful evening.

I've mentioned it before on this blog, but one of the most important things this County and its taxpayers do is provide support for the Elderly Services Levy, administered by the Council on Aging. The programs these funds pay for not only make the difference in keeping citizens living independently, as they overwhelmingly prefer, but it often keeps couples and families together as well. (Incidentally, the cost of these services is far less than the cost of nursing home care). No wonder almost 70% of voters supported the levy in 2007.

For more information on these services, go here.

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