Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sheer Greed

At a time where many companies and most governments, like our's, are asking for voluntary furloughs and having to impose even worse decisions, this AIG bonus issue is truly an outrage. There are many questions, and few good answers.

No doubt, we must have far better government oversight and accountability. But the most galling part to me is the sheer, shameful greed of individuals who would insist on and then accept such outrageous bonuses for their clearly calamitous work in 2008. Makes it clear just how out of touch, out of control, and money hungry, parts of our financial world have become.

Outrageous, and scary.


Jeff said...

If one's pay, or bonus is contractually based on their division meeting specific metrics, and their division met those goals, why don't they deserve to be paid?

Anonymous said...

The Dems. put it in the stimulus bill, you know the one which all the Dems. voted for but not one of them bothered to read. Obama says he did not know that it was in the bill and the bill was passed into law. The bill that could not wait another week to be passed.

So now the Dems. are able to forget about the constitution and possibly take the money back.

I believe this is a game by Obama. He says "see folks how much I care about the little guy." I will not let AIG give this money to these people. Now he looks like he actually cares. He does not, it is only a game which all the non-thinkers are buying.

Next week he will tell us that. No! His teleprompter will tell us, that he will set limits on how much any of us can make. After all it is just not fair that some should have so much while those who sit on their ass, do crime, do drugs, shoot people or just refuse to educate themselves have nothing. Obama will make life "fair".

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