Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Investing Millions in Roads, Jobs

Today, we were excited to approve the County's 2009 Municipal Road Fund Program, which effectively leads to more than $100 million in investment throughout Hamilton County in cities, villages and townships. The County’s investment of $2,049,662.00 is leveraged 50 times over by construction in the targeted areas.

This investment serves as our own local stimulus package and economic primer: it focuses directly on infrastructure, puts people to work on projects across the county, and creates safer, better roads.

As always, the County Engineer has leveraged a County investment with far more outside dollars invested to make all these projects happen.

The Municipal Road Fund Projects includes eleven projects in ten municipalities: Cincinnati; Addyston, Deer Park; Golf Manor; Harrison; Lockland; Madeira; Newtown; Norwood; and Springdale. For the street names, please see attached Resolution.

All Municipalities in Hamilton County are eligible to apply for this fund with the Hamilton County Engineer.

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