Friday, February 13, 2009

Public Safety Budget, Round II

Still trying to solve this public safety funding issue without running out of our reserve dollars.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid it isn't clear to everyone just how tough the economic times are, and how irresponsible it would be to drain any further the very little reserves we have left when we still don't know what's in front of us economically for 2009.

I have laid out clear and viable options the Sheriff has to solve the public safety concerns within his own resources, and they are far less risky to the County's financial health. If he is sufficiently concerned about the very consequences he describes, it would seem to be an easy choice. Come to think of it, these ideas actually make good sense anyway.

The Enquirer blog posted a number of public communications that summarize the situation. It's not a pretty exchange, but sometimes a little directness and creative tension is the way you solve problems. And in the end, there simply is no way we can compromise the fiscal health and viability of this County--and the message just doesn't seem to be getting through unless said as directly as possible.


Anonymous said...


Thanks David for bringing the sheriff back to reality.

His 'chicken little' money grab is PATHETIC considering the amount of funds he has stashed.


Anonymous said...

Amusing Pepper, when one leaves a comment that agrees with you, oh how intelligent they are.

Others can mention the truth you do not want to hear and their comments are deleted. Typical liberal.

David Pepper said...

Actually, if you read this blog, you'll quickly see that I post both positive and negative comments.

The last comment is interesting, though, since the reason for the dispute with the Sheriff is my insisting on being as fiscally conservative possible.

Anonymous said...


Let's see amusing annoy tell us just how much money Si has in his forfeiture coffer !

Then speak about how liberal the county is !

She obviously hasn't left a comment on XXX judge Tryingtafoolyou's blog !



Anonymous said...

Well, the recent developments in the Leis saga are - well, interesting. Hartmann fires off a letter, and Leis becomes a puppy dog.

Any info on Hartmann's offer to have the Clerk pay for court security? Questions have arisen on the blogs asking, if the Clerk's office had all these available resources and personnel - why weren't they eliminated while Hartmann was the clerk. Exactly how much pork did Hartmann leave frying in the clerk's office before he decided to move over to the BOCC.

Anonymous said...

Why no comment on the Hartmann suggestion of using municipal court bailiffs for courthouse security?

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