Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A View of the Banks

The private developer leading the Banks Project just launched a new website featuring the work there, updates on progress, as well as hints of what it will look like in the not too distant future.

Take a look here.


Anonymous said...


CincyCapell said...

Commissioner Pepper,

This is an off topic question, but are you prepared to issue statements on the following subjects:

1. Joe Deters association with Jim Schifrin, the author if the notorious racist gossip sheet, The Whistleblower. Deters association was the topic of an article in City Beat today and a corresponding entry by Jow Wessels on the Enquirer's blog.

2. Deters witch hunt "investigation" of election fraud in the 2008 elections. Deters claimed to have proof in hand of 600 cases of fraud. After Deters (who was also the SW Ohio chair of the Mccain campaign) was pressured into handing the investigation over to an independent council, only one case of so-called voter fraud was uncovered.

The citizens of Hamilton County would like to know what the leaders of our county Government think about these issues.

Nubian Oracle said...

Is the 600 million in cash and or bankers note still in the bank?

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