Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Update on Winter Storm

Due to wind and more snow, more citizens lost power after the previous update. The most recent total of outages was 4,615, which was a decrease from 8,000 in the late morning.

Clink on the following links for up-to-the-minute Duke numbers, and a map of where power remains out. Again, call the hotline at 1 800 543-5599 if you have an outage.

The Sheriff announced at 3 p.m. his decision to end Level III status at 4 p.m. In the meantime, continue to stay off the roads if at all possible. And stay away from downed power lines, or any objects touching a downed power line.

Our deepest condolences go out to the public servant in Indian Hill who lost his life today trying to help residents get through this storm.


Nubian Oracle said...

Our thoughts and prayers with Kelly Sullivan's family. Kelly Sullivan, 42, assistant superintendent of public works was a Indian Hill public works official who was killed when his pickup truck collided with a village maintenance truck on Glendale-Milford Road in Columbia Township about 8 a.m..

Anonymous said...

Warm, sympathetic thoughts & prayers to Mr. Sullivan's family & his colleagues in their grief & devastation. Mr. Sullivan was the definition of Team Player.

On another topic about the Winter Storm, very early this morning I saw on the ticker during the News that the Hamilton County Commissioners Office was closed. However, the Courts were open, with some of the judges not seated. When Police Officers learned that the Commissioners' Office was closed, as was the Courts in other jurisdictions, there was quite a bit of grumbling.

In addition, people serving on Juries had to scramble to get in there, only to be told at the very last minute that the Court House would be closing at 11AM, with Court Room A at the jail building remaining open. For goodness sake, the US Bankruptcy Court wasn't in session today.

Just who is minding the store during snow emergencies & inconvenient events in this county? Heaven help us if there's a major crisis!

Those Police Officers who made the dead run to Court this morning could have been out on the streets helping with the snow problems or getting their downtime before starting their regular shift. Gads, when is this county going to establish some smoothness & continuity? It seems it's every department to fend for themselves, until it's budget time, when they're ordered to fire people. Never mind. It's time to move out of this county anyway.

Nubian Oracle said...

Anon - Go talk to the Clerk of Courts and the county Judges. The clerk and judges set the operation of the court to their pleasure, not yours.

The commissioners are not the repository for your outrage for the courts lack of courtesy i.e. you work for them, not them for us.

You want better courts? Vote 'em out next time!

As to the county emergencies we, the people of Hamilton county, have through our county administration hired full time employees for emergency services just like this.

They are at The Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) which is authorized by Ohio Revised Code to coordinate and administer countywide all-hazards emergency management and disaster preparedness functions for Hamilton County and its forty-nine political subdivisions.

We are proposing augmentation of The Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) through a agreement with Global Communications and Computing Company, Inc..

We would create the first means tested AESX secure IP6 wireless dynamic broadband persistant world and eCommunity for 3 million ohians.

This from a headquaters in Hamilton County whereas the county is stakeholder in a 40 year service agreement southern Ohio under Ky. Col. Wanda Lloyd Daniels, IBEW and Fred Hargrove, Sr. PE, MBA as Cincinnati Change lifetime trustees along with leadership provided by Dr. Robert Day this Saturday at Taft NHS for a $130 million dollars financial instrument to be syndicated under TARP through MDi and Cincinnati Change, Inc..

PS What does the county do in case like this with Kelly Sullivan? Will there be a fund setup for Mr. Sullivan's family?

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