Thursday, January 8, 2009

Representing the County at a Historic Event

Today, I was granted a huge honor. Several weeks ago, my good friend Rich Cordray called me and asked if I would be the Master of Ceremonies at his swearing in ceremony as Ohio's next Attorney General. I gladly accepted.

Shortly thereafter, someone wisely decided to make it a dual ceremony--to also include the swearing in of Ohio Treasurer Kevin Boyce.

Well, today the event took place, and it was a wonderful occasion, with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, interim Attorney General Nancy Rogers, Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, District Court Judge Marbley, former Attorneys General Jim Petro and Betty Montgomery, and a number of other dignitaries all taking part. All spoke so eloquently.

But the most moving part, from where I stood on the podium, was the look of joy and pride beaming up from the faces of the Cordray and Boyce families, who sat in the front row--their kids, spouses, siblings, parents, and in Treasurer Boyce's case, his incredibly proud grandmother. In politics and public service, given all the hard work and sacrifice involved, moments like today are indeed an achievement of entire families. So congratulations to the Boyces and the Cordrays.

While my role was relatively small, it was a privilege to represent our corner of Ohio in today's historic ceremony. I look forward to working with both Attorney General Cordray and Treasurer Boyce in the coming years.

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