Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cranley Leaves Big Shoes to Fill

As my long-time colleague John Cranley steps away from City Hall, I just want to echo others who praised his work over eight years at City Council.

John entered Council at a challenging time, and was a key leader in helping steer us to better days. Whether it was putting more police on the street, improving police-community relations, moving forward on important projects downtown (like Fountain Square) and at the same time making needed investments in neighborhoods across our City, balancing budgets through some tough economic times, passing the hate crimes ordinance, or his recent efforts to promote affordable health care, John accomplished a lot for this community. I was proud to work with him on most of these accomplishments--and I can tell you from personal experience, he is a whirlwind of energy and intellect, and always focused on achieving results.

Whatever roles he ultimately chooses for himself, and there will likely be many, I look forward to continuing to work with John to move our community forward.

His will be big shoes to fill at City Hall. Any thoughts on who should replace him?

From my standpoint, and I don't have a vote, Greg Harris has more than earned the right to fill those shoes as an appointee, and would bring passion, integrity and a strong policy bent to Council.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Greg Harris, who did indeed get appointed today (Monday, January 12).


Anonymous said...

I really liked Cranley as a politician and as a person. Undoubtably, he will continue to make his mark in this community, consistent with his passion for service.

I recommend Harris, too. He deserves a little pay back for playing nice in the political scrimmage - and he has alot of characteristics of Cranley -- I think they have the same shoe size.

Anonymous said...

The little guy leaves "Big Shoes to Fill? That's a good one!

Anonymous said...

I think Francie Pepper should move to the City and get the seat...then Take on her son in the next Commission election!

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Why doesn't it, as a matter of policy, go to the next higher vote earner last election cycle?

Charlie Winburn if we have non-partisan elections; Minette Cooper if we don't.

Anonymous said...


First Choice - Caleb Faux

Second Choice - Greg Harris


Quim said...

"Why doesn't it, as a matter of policy, go to the next higher vote earner last election cycle?"
Who knows what the person is going to be doing a year or so after an election ?
Leaving the seat empty might be a better way to disincentivize leaving a seat mid term.

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