Monday, January 5, 2009

100,000 Pounds of Trash: A Good Start To Cleaning Our County

In the middle of last year, we were excited to announce a partnership to clean up the streets and business districts of communities across Hamilton County--using inmate details from the Justice Center. Seventeen communities see a clean-up detail about every two weeks.

I received a report in December which I neglected to post due to all the budget discussions, and it's good news indeed.

In just its first quarter of operation, the detail collected 100,650 pounds of litter (!), and cleaned 343 miles of County streets. Thirty warning letters were sent to property owners whose properties were out of compliance with housing and health laws. And I have personally heard from community leaders about what a difference this work is making.

Thanks to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful for spearheading this effort. I'll post more results as we get them.

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Anonymous said...

If delinquent taxes are paid to the county will it help stop lay offs that are scheduled to begin again January 13 at Job&Family Services?

If the delinquent money is secured will there be a recall of laid off employees?

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