Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OTR Patrols Redux

A story today in the Enquirer discussed whether the Sheriff's patrols in Over the Rhine, cancelled in January due to financial shortfalls and the failure of Issue 27, are missed. (see http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2008807080301). Interviews from residents and business owners left a mixed message about whether or not they made a difference, and the impact of their absence since January.

My perspective? . . . In the time they were there, the 19 deputies made an enormous impact for the good. This was proven not only by the statistics (crime down in nearly every category), but also by the rave reviews I heard time and again from citizens in the neighborhood about their presence and professionalism. (And while there was a complaint in the newspaper from one gentleman, I must say I never heard a single complaint about their work in all the hearings we held about the issue, or any other occasion).

My hope is that even with them no longer there, the time they spent there, along with other positive efforts (Cincinnati police efforts, our probation department's substation, sizeable investments and rehabilitation) kick-started the creation of a new, safer Over the Rhine going forward. That we've reached a tipping point of progress there, never to look back (although we must remain vigilant to keep that progress going).

The work of those deputies provided enormous momentum to the progress we're seeing today. I thank them for their service at a critical moment.


Price Hill Advocate said...

Everybody working to make OTR better agree that the patrols helped the atmosphere there. Now we need the County to figure out how to bring them back and expand to other problem spots in the City and suburbs.

JFD said...

I won't support a new jail, but I would vote to build an addition to the existing jail, if it included money for expanded patrols in Clifton Heights (and other communities that asked for them). The Sheriff's patrols made a huge difference, not only through their activities, but their presence caused CPD to step up their game. The leadership at CPD, simply wasn't instilling the mind set to eradicate crime; until the Sheriff came to town. Voila; the Vortex unit is born!

Jeff Capell said...

Why can't the city police its own streets? This was never the county's responsibility.

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