Monday, July 7, 2008

It's about time

For about a year, I've been promising myself (and a few others) I'd start a blog. There's just so much going on in and around Cincinnati and Hamilton county, and too much need for continual input from citizens across the spectrum--and a blog is the best way I can think of to keep up.

Expect this blog to highlight important news in this community and beyond, give my perspective on that news, ask for your input on items and issues of the day, and respond to events and happenings going on around us. Who knows, maybe it'll offer a chance to set the record straight on critical or controversial issues being discussed in the community (including the occasional dissemination of misinformation), or answer questions citizens have about the way government works, or doesn't work.

I call it PepTalk because amid all our challenges and hurdles, not to mention the ups and downs of politics, I am an optimist about our great community. With our wonderful assets, citizens and traditions, our best days are ahead of us--and I hope the discussions on this blog will help lead us in that positive direction.

Most importantly, I look forward to hearing from you as much as possible about your views on how to head in that direction.

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