Friday, July 11, 2008

Cross-Party Cooperation

Our budget crisis looks like it may bring about the kind of cooperation and working together that citizens expect from their elected leaders, especially when times get tough. As we look to deal with this difficult economic and budget environment, a number of officials have stepped up to say we will work together to solve this problem--even if it involves tough decisions, and even if it's across party lines.

I applaud Greg Hartman, Judge Nadel (presiding Judge of the Common Pleas Court), and former judge and current Republican Party chair Alex Triantifilou for setting a tone of working together to get through this. Other officials and department heads, from Sheriff Leis, to Rebecca Groppe (Recorder), to our Facilities Director (Ralph Linne) have all begun rolling up their sleeves and exploring how to best respond to the bad economy and slumping revenues.

See comments by Judge Nadel and Clerk of Courts Hartman here:

And see Chairman Triantifilou's comments here:

This is not easy, or fun, for anyone. But it's our collective responsibility to deal with the reality of today's economy. Just as every household and business is having to do.


CincyJeff said...

What exactly is making you say that the Sheriff is rolling up his sleeves and dealing with this? All I've seen is more whining and threats. He's basically continuing his campaign to punish us for opposing his big tax increase.

I will agree that the cooperation shown by a number of other elected officials is much appreciated. There is no way to deny there is a revenue shortage and cuts must be made to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

It may not be pretty, but at least the Sheriff is dealing with the reality that there have to be cuts. Unlike some, who are sticking their head in the sand, threatening to go to court, and pretending that money grows on trees even in a bad economy when everyone is struggling.

This is a test of who the real fiscal conservatives are.

Anonymous said...

So it sounds like the county will be able to perform all essential services with the cuts in place correct?

If so why is the budget going into this year 6% higher than it needed to be?

If the county can provide these services at the reduced rate of funding shouldn't that have been the rate from the beginning?

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