Friday, May 29, 2009

Well-Deserved Praise for Banks Project Manager

The Enquirer wrote a very nice story on John Deatrick, the person the County and City brought on about a year ago to oversee and implement the Banks Project.

As opposed to highly political appointments that too often can sink governent and waste taxpayer $$$ because they are unqualified and/or make politically driven decisions (ie. Hamilton County, 2005-2006), John is the epitome of a good, professional, competent public servant.

John came back to Cincinnati from Washington to help us complete the project.

He was instrumental in the County/City successfully securing millions of stimulus dollars, as well as keeping the project on time and under budget. And as some argue that we should do nothing but leave a parking lot and mudpit at the heart of our riverfront, John articulates well why that is not the answer: "It's a real problem to have empty surface parking lots where we should have a beautiful riverfront," he said. "Getting the central riverfront developed is absolutely critical to getting any economic benefit."

Read about John here.

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UCstudent said...

I've got a quote for you Mr. Pepper, it comes from Sherwood Anderson's 1922 essay on Ohio,

"Today our river front in Cincinnati is as mean looking a place as the lake front in Chicago or Cleaveland, and you please bear in mind that down there in Cincinnati we had less money to work with than they did up in Chicago or even in Cleveland."

Almost a century later and we've finally got the ball rolling!

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