Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bringing Hope To Our Kids

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About a year ago, I sat down with a small group of faith leaders and other citizens who are passionate about helping our most vulnerable young people. We talked through ways they might apply that passion to the critical need of supporting and caring for foster children in our community.

And most importantly, we agreed that the top solution is simple (in theory): find as many loving, caring adults to help and support our foster kids as possible.

Well, this weekend (the last of May, Foster Care Awareness Month), their incredible hard work and passion will come to fruition through a multi-day, multi-location effort called "Every Child's Hope." Twenty six churches and congregations will be involved. Their goal is to inspire people across our community to help kids in foster care--whether to become foster or adoptive parents directly, or for those who are not in a position to take those steps, to help support foster kids or foster families in all sorts of other ways.

These types of grassroots and community efforts that will ultimately make all the difference. And as I said in the State of the County Speech, there is no better prevention program than proactive support (and ultimate adoption) of foster kids.

Thanks to the leadership of the Coalition of Care for organizing this wonderful, compassionate effort.

Here's an Enquirer story on the effort, and here's the website for Every Child's Hope, laying out this weekend's program.

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