Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Update

We had an update today from County Health Commission Tim Ingram about the swine flu outbreak in North America, the handful of cases in the United States, and what we are doing locally to prepare for any cases that might come here.

The bottom line: the cases that have been in the United States thus far have been mild (19 of 20 people didn't even go to the hospital), so there is no reason for alarm. If someone feels flu symptoms, they should see their doctor. And the best way to avoid getting or spreading anything is the same common sense one should always use: wash your hands, do not cough openly, and other basic hygiene.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I'd like to suggest is the County post reminders in their buildings where the public frequent most - the Administration Building, JFS, Justice Center, Courthouse, etc., reminding people to cover their sneezes & coughs. Also, hand washing reminders in restrooms.

The Courthouse by itself is a haven for all sorts of germs & bacteria. Somehow, the public fails to bring along tissues before coming to Court! It might not hurt to tape reminders to every Court Room door & along the hallways.

The County employs a great many people who staff these facilities, & who are put at serious risk everyday due to ill manners of the public.

All it takes is one sneeze or one cough of an infected person & the cold, flu, virus, or whatever illness migrates to many more unsuspecting individuals.

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