Monday, April 27, 2009

"Build Hamilton County": Making the County More Business-Friendly

Today we began to roll out an exciting new change in Hamilton County.

It's called "Build Hamilton County," and it's our effort to streamline and accelerate the process for residential and commercial development in the County.

As the Business Courier reported, the process involves:

1. creating a one-stop approach to the development meeting process, with one, multi-agency predevelopment meeting (as opposed to the multiple meetings that are now required), saving valuable time and resources for all involved

2. creating a "Build Hamilton County" development web portal which provides the key information to developers on how to move forward with projects, including the ability to schedule and initiate the development process. Currently, no such centralized website exists to help projects go through the development process.

3. working with all the 48 jurisdictions of the County to share and coordinate on development projects and code enforcement, as opposed to requiring businesses to go through the ringer of dealing with multiple jurisdictions separately.

This is part of our broader effort to stimulate investment, economic activity and job creation as much as we can in this challenging year. I'll provide more details as we roll these changes out in the coming weeks.

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Randy Simes said...

Sounds like some good ideas and procedures to have in place.

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