Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Activity: Climate Initiative Moves Forward

As part of our Earth Day activity, Hamilton County hosted the last of our series of community meetings that comprise our "Climate Community Initiative."

This has been a wonderful partnership with the majority of our local jurisdictions, as we together work to reduce our carbon footprint while saving taxpayer dollars through reduced energy usage.

Today's meeting was "the end of the beginning" of our process. After months of meetings covering different topic areas, we launched a new tool that will help all of our local partners achieve these goals. It's called the Carbon Calculator, and it will allow each community, in the coming months, to create their own path to reduce their carbon footprint. We will then compile these individual community plans into one Countywide green plan.

And the best news? Federal stimulas dollars, in the form of Energy Effiency Block Grants, will allow us to support initiatives that come out of this work. We are also working on ways that these block grants can be used to incentivize energy efficiency and cost savings for businesses, citizens and local governments (and taxpayers) across the County.

In all, important progress in a critical area.

Happy Earth Day!

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