Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Curious: Thoughts on Texting While Driving?

There's a proposal at City Hall to ban texting while driving.

As the dialogue begins, I'm curious what readers think about this idea.


Quim said...

I'm kinda leery of municipality specific traffic laws (seat belts, tinted windows, car height) in today's mobile society and especially in a border community.

CAJD said...

It's dangerous to drive and text--of course.

Still it hard to understand why the council member takes on this issues, and it makes the news when there are so many other important pressing issues in our communities.



boilover said...

I still see people shaving and putting makeup on while driving. If you are going to be focusing on this kind of legislation, let's make it something that deals with all the distractions people inflict upon themselves while driving, not a select one or two that council wants to deal with. To me this is another example of government looking at the micro problems instead of the macro issues.

CAJD said...

I agree it's a micro problem (safe) as opposed to macro problems facing this city.

We were at Council today and some council members don't even pay attention when you speak.

We will Remember in November.

Humbly, CAJD

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