Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Congratulations Superintendent Ronan

I'm thrilled that Mary Ronan will go from being interim Superintendent to the Superintendent, apparently very soon.

From all accounts, including my own, she has been impressing the whole community with her steady and open leadership, even as the "interim" leader. I can only imagine how strong she'll be once that somewhat limiting title is removed.

Congratulations, Superintendent Ronan.


CAJD said...

I agree Kudos to Ronan.

She appears to be a leader and not a divider for our communities and CPS schools.

Sadly, so many public servants (such as the Prosecutor and SOME on Council) in this town seem to dislike those that they work for.

They work for the citizens. That's not to say that the we citizens are always right, still we have a right to be heard.

It appears that Ronan will be a transparent leader. Already I've heard her on radio listening to the community.

I sent a letter to her thanking her for being open-minded, yet firm.



Anonymous said...



Guest spot on PepTalk sure would create transparency !

An open invitation for all elected officials to inform the public via Peptalk guest contributor should be encouraged !


Anonymous said...

Anon. If guess guest contributors come on Peptalk. I'd like to start with HCP Joe Deters. This blog often mentions solutions to jail overcrowding. Ex-offenders receiving mental health follow-up, etc.

The visit would not be about who supported the jail, who did not. Let's move past that to solutions.

Getting back on topic I know that Ms. Ronan would be open to being featured on the blog. She's appears to be a great person for the CPS school system.

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