Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Real Boost: County Lands $45M+ in Stimulus

Today we received some fantastic news.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland announced his priority transportation projects to be funded by Federal Recovery Act Resources (aka “The Stimulus”). In that announcement, Cincinnati and Hamilton County are slated to receive a total investment of $23.2 million in stimulus funds for the Banks Project. We also received an additional $25 million for other key transportation priorities.

In our stimulus request, we chose to be strategic, and the City and County worked in close collaboration —and we’re thrilled this approach received so much support from the Governor. Overall, we received more than almost all other counties and regions in Ohio.

The result of these investments will be job creation and economic stimulus in the short run, and the transformation of our Riverfront in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

How does this stimulus impact the County's budget this year?

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