Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Transportation Truly Regional

Today, the Commission approved three new appointees to the Board of the newly reformed Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA). These appointments are historic because they represent the first time this transportation board has had true, regional representation--representing all four Ohio counties from the region.

Equally importantly, the three individuals we appointed will greatly enhance the board because of their personal experience, background, and interest in the area of regional transportation.

To represent Clermont County on the SORTA Board, we selected Ed Humphrey, the President of the Clermont County Board of County Commissioners, who has a strong interest in regional transportation. To represent Butler County, we selected Liberty Township Trustee Christine Matacic, who has been a long-time leader at OKI, our regional transportation planning organization. And to represent Warren County, we selected Gregg Hothem, a private realtor and former developer who also is a member of the Warren County Planning Commission, and an appointee to the Loveland Finance Committee.

These individuals will not only represent their counties well, but they will help lead us into a far more regional approach to public transportation in the coming years.


Stephen JohnsonGrove said...

YES! We need better, big-picture public transportation. Does anyone else see the meaningful distinction between a long-range regional plan like this and the rather pathetic, small-minded (waste of resources?) streetcar proposal? Hello? City Council?

Kevin LeMaster said...

I see the meaningful distinction, because they're two distinct ideas meant to achieve two totally different things.

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