Thursday, March 5, 2009

Here's the Scoop: Graeter's to Expand in City/County

I was thrilled to join City leaders and Rich Graeter at a press conference today to announce the expansion of Graeter's Ice Cream into a new headquarters and ice cream manufacturing and distribution facility in the City of Cincinnati. (A video clip is here.)

This is great news from an iconic Cincinnati company and brand. They plan to sell more of their ice cream in stores across this country, and this new building will be the centerpiece of that expanded effort. They also are tentatively planning to include a "visitor center" for citizens to watch the ice cream being made and packaged--which is a pretty neat process to watch.

It's no secret that regional neighbors of our's were working hard to seize this new opportunity from us. I for one met with Graeter's to let them know how important a company they were for our community. But the City of Cincinnati in particular stepped up and got the deal done. My thanks go to the Mayor, City Manager, and his staff (along with our state partners) for working so hard to ensure that the expansion of Graeter's into a national brand took place right here in Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

And of course, we thank and congratulate the Graeter family and company for their new growth plans--and their decision to grow right here in Cincinnati.

Finally, this is one other example of how the best way to grow your economy is to work with your own companies, large and small, to ensure that when they grow and expand, they do so right here.

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