Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slumdog Outrage

I enjoyed "Slumdog Millionaire" more than any movie I've seen in a long-time. I told friends and family to see it. I've downloaded the best songs from the soundtrack onto my Ipod. And I sat at home last Sunday night and cheered, loudly, for it to win every Oscar for which is nominated. It was that good, that powerful.

But outside of an incredibly well-crafted story, the best part of the movie was the amazing kids. Until today, I had no idea they were literally from the "slums" of Mumbai, because they were such great actors. Honestly, better than any of the adults. (Maybe it's because they were actually representing their real lives.) And as someone who loved the movie, I'm here to tell you that the movie would not have been the hit it was without those kids playing the roles they did, as well as they did.

Which is why I'm as outraged as anyone by the story that days after the Oscars, the kids are now back in the slums. Surely, as the movie has taken off and likely generated so many dollars for many adults involved, the kids who played such an important part should also share in the fruits of their incredible work--and be fairly compensated. Compensated at least well enough to move out of the very slums that were so haunting in the movie.

I don't think it's too much to ask for life to imitate art this one time.

(Something tells me that the collective response to this story will lead to a better result).


Anonymous said...


We think the government moved them into apartments.

Perhaps, a late night stroll through the streets of Cincinnati may bring perspective on the importance of the banks, streetcar, etc.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I heard this correctly on TV, but the film producers, directors, etc., are guaranteeing funding for school, food, & other basic essentials.

Additionally, all these individuals in this country who believe they're "poor", live in a slum, or stuck in a "ghetto", should view this film. Hopefully, they'll realize how large they are living at the expense of taxpayers who are now stretching nickels to take care of their own expenses. Compared to other countries with downtrodden populations, our so-called "poor" live rather opulently.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully, they'll realize how large they are living at the expense of taxpayers who are now stretching nickels to take care of their own expenses."

Perhaps they realize that the so call taxpayers expense is just a man made illusion of value ?

Since when is a man made printed piece of paper, called the dollar, carry more value than the life of a homeless individual ?

Your taxpayer dollar isn't worth much right now, is it ?

Welcome to a reality based value system.

Invest in people, not illusions.


Anonymous said...

Jai Ho!

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