Friday, February 27, 2009

Serve on the Regional Transportation Board: Calling Clermont, Butler and Warren County Residents

Hamilton County Commissioners are looking for volunteers to serve on the restructured board of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, which operates the region’s public fixed route bus system.

Recently, the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County agreed to restructure the board to make it more regional in governance, and service. This means there are three new seats—for the first time representing each of the surrounding Ohio counties, Butler, Warren and Clermont.

Citizens who live in those counties are welcome to submit applications to join the board, as well as a cover letter expressing their interest, and any references they may wish to list.

These are critical positions that will help us create a more regional transportation system for the 21st century.

Interested residents can find the application here.

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Anonymous said...

Question. If the HC Board of Revision knows that it will not allow anyone but the property owner and an attorney to present cases - why not just tell us so we know? Thanks.

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