Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help End Our Travel Tax: Take the Survey

I'm so pleased that the Chamber of Commerce is proactively pushing to reduce our nation-leading airfares. As they make clear, it's not just an enormous added cost to local residents, it's a major business cost, and a major problem for our region as we compete for tourists and business visitors and others.

The Chamber and the airport have created an online survey, that could help make the case to Delta that they are losing a lot of business due to these airfares. I encourage everyone to take it, by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Delta is not going to reduce fares and the survey is a waste of time because the business people will just pay as a cost of business.

A shuttle to Indy is a better idea but is has to be more convenient and consistent than Megabus.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is Delta's reign on the monopoly - this should be an anti trust issue.

And I agree with the previous post, businesses will absorb the cost right after they ask, if there a nearby airport. The Chamber should be talking about the tourist business, not the business, business

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