Monday, November 10, 2008

Tough Month for County: Provide Ideas Here

As today's Enquirer made clear, today will begin a very difficult month for Hamilton County:

In the next few weeks, we will be faced with some very difficult decisions of how to adjust our budget in light of the very bad economy. For those unfamiliar with how much the sour economy has impacted our revenues, I've tried to explain this at other blog postings:(

The bottom line is that we project being tens of millions of dollars down due to falling sales and real estate revenues--and those revenues may go down even further in the next few months.

As the options are laid out for the public, and we make our way toward a mid-December final decision, I hope County citizens and employees will use this blog as a forum to ask questions or make suggestions on how we best steer our way through this difficult and challenging time.

If there are cuts you'd suggest, or savings you know are out there, (which seem better than those being proposed) let me know. I'm looking for any good ideas people have.


Anonymous said...

the inspections being done by the county on everything from a water heater to a deck are not required by law and are optional for the home owner. why does the county send out notices telling people to schedule inspections but not telling people it isn't required? It may be something they CAN do, but if they want it, let them seek it instead of soliciting an extra cost.

Anonymous said...

I was on my way to work yesterday when I saw a Sheriff Van. On the side it said "Special Events."
How many vehicles, vans, boats, helicopters does this department actually need? The maintenance alone must be enormous.

Anonymous said...

I agree. What about the 5 or 6 assistant directors that JFS has? If the assistant director positions/salaries were eliminated it could potentially save 15 to 20 staff/workers from being laid off. Wasn't the director chosen to oversee the agency? There are also many created management positions at JFS that do not have direct contact with the clients nor have staff responsibility. If the county/JFS is in a hiring freeze why are recruiter positions still needed in HR? All the call centers and complaint department? Why not make the pay levels the same (that could be a savings). The call centers answer the same type of questions that the complaint department receive. Aren't staff/workers are required to answer their phones and monitored by their respective managers?

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