Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sad Day

It's a sad day at Hamilton County.

As reported in the Enquirer, our Department of Jobs and Family Services (JFS) had to let several dozen people go due to some very onerous cuts being passed down by the state:

And more such decisions will have to be made in the coming months.

The cruel irony is these cuts are being imposed at the very time that the economic crisis has dramatically increased demand for the work our JFS employees do:

It's little consolation at this difficult time, but I want to thank and commend those JFS public servants for their hard work and dedication on behalf of our citizens. Many citizens don't understand the work of our JFS workforce, or appreciate how difficult it is. Unfortunately, others can be heartless about the decisions we're being forced to make. Let me give my perspective:

These are the social workers who tirelessly work to protect our seniors and children from abuse, literally saving lives and rebuilding others. They are the workers who help families who are struggling, lending a hand when no one else will, and averting even worse situations for folks already in trouble. Still others are connecting citizens to new opportunities that will turn their lives around, and make them positive contributors to our community.

These public servants are on the front line day after day, often in difficult, tense and sometimes dangerous environments. Indeed, they are often the first on the scene of truly horrifying situations, before the police officers and firefighters arrive. And for every decision they make along the way, they have a spotlight on them --routinely criticized for doing too little and too much at the same time.

And let's be real --they do this work for far less compensation than the community value of the service they are providing. But they still do it.

When these public servants have their own lives turned upside down by these tough economic times, and just when the demand for their hard work, passion and compassion is increasing, it's a sad day indeed.


Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it is sad. But, can someone think outside of the box and come with an idea for these cuts not to happen? For example, a reduced work week or job sharing, this is not an original idea. There are several other Health & Human Service departments doing this very thing in other states.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Many of these workers work hard for lower pay than they would make in private business. And under a civil service and union system, you can't let go of the low producers. i hope you will do what you can to treat those who are left with the respect, compensation, benefits, etc. they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Sad Day is when county workers who have 30 + years of service in and would rather see some else get laid off then to just retire.

Anonymous said...

Sad day indeed when those individuals laid off have 20-29 yrs of dedicated service to Hamilton County and those with 1-5 years of service are not laid off.

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