Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's On!! Blog Battle to Help FreeStore Heats Up!

It's on! The Battle of the Blogs to help the Freestore Foodbank is really heating up.

Since it was kicked off, we now have in the competition:

1. Cincinnati City Beat:

2. The Cincinnati Blog:

3. The Cincinnati Beacon: (who even dared to mock the amount I personally donated):

4. The Blog of County Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou: (who went so far as to assert that conservatives are more charitable to fire up his crew):

These others are engaging in some serious trash talking. As the newest blog, I'm not going there. I just need your help--and in all seriousness, so do the thousands of families who the FreeStore will serve. Thanks to those who have already given through my site (about $260 so far), but we can do a lot better than that.

Once again, it's so easy to give:

1) Go to the virtual store, and make your purchases: (takes 3 minutes)

2) Comment below, however you wish, on the amount you gave, so I have a fighting chance of winning this competition against some much more veteran blogs than mine. (I won't list names, but will keep track of the tally).


Bearman said...

Don't forget my challenge to other bloggers.

See here:
Bearman Cartoons Blogger Challenge

I know you don't have a blog roll but if your readers do and link to me in their email they can indicate to give you credit and I will credit it to you.

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I'm not talking trash. When I say I will demolish you in this challenge, I am merely indicating the truth.

Anonymous said...

David, I have made a donation that will feed several families this holiday season. I challenge others to do the same and lets win this for the families that need ti assistance.

Anonymous said...

We have sent a check for $5,000 to the Freestore this morning,

Thanks David for doing this.

Anonymous said...



We need verification of an anon 5,000 dollars !

We can't give credit for an anon claim without verification.


David Pepper said...

Anon #3: Thank you. If you are comfortable, can you post the amount you gave?

Anon #4: THANK YOU! Wow--what an incredibly generous donation! This will definitely put the other blogs in a corner--and, more importantly, will really help families in need.

Anon: #5: who are you? Didn't know there was an official crediting process, or referee (especially an anonymous one), but I'll do what I can to verify. (I know who gave it, but so far, they want to remain anoynmous--and no, they are not related to me).

Anonymous said...


You bet we are the referee !

You don' t expect us to believe a politician or the claims of their cronies do you ?

That would be like asking the auditor to investigate the big (CAUV) tax-breaks he gives to his campaign donors !

Wouldn't it ?

That aside, if you are personally comfortable then we have to be from an anonymous donor !

The post was an anon post without the blog moderator (Pepper) confirming that the donation was verified !

If the moderator has verified then it is a confirmed donation, PERIOD !

The gavel has hit !

It is an administrative ruling, without jury, affording no appeal !



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