Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Exciting New Retail in the County

Because our largest revenue source is the sales tax, the County clearly has a major interest in exciting new retail within our boundaries. Which is one of the many reasons why tomorrow's opening of Crate & Barrel, and this week's opening of the new Kroger Fresh Fare, are such good news. (The Port Authority has played a supportive role in this project).

When completed, the broader project, known as Kenwood Town Place, will comprise almost 600,000 square feet of mixed use retail and office, with some other marquis names on their way.

For more information, go to:

For the link to the development site and plans, go to:

I recently spoke at the Hamilton County Development Corporation's annual lunch, and was glad to be part of the presentation awarding this development as the 2008 Economic Development Project of the Year.


Anonymous said...

1-Why can't money from the Banks be diverted to help the Sheriff protect us?

2-Why so much extra money for economic development when we have a serious crisis?

3-Why did the county settle expensive lawsuits where legal advice said not to?

4-Will there be any cuts to your staff? The Administrator's staff?

5-Are you going to fund the sharonville convention center expansion and let lots of police officers be laid off and close a correctional facility?

If the answer to any of these is "that's the law", then my question will be:

The Democratic party controls the governor and the state house of representatives next year. Why can't you and Todd lobby them to change state law to protect the public?

Anonymous said...

While I dont want cuts to public safety, the last thing we should do is stop investing in economic growth (even though it's still a tiny part of the budget compared to public safety). Part of the reason we are where we are is how lame the County has been over the past decade to actually grow, while placess like Newport have been eating our lunch. Having the Banks remain a parking lot, as opposed to a new hotspot that generates a lot of sales tax revenue, is the last thing we need. The County would only be making the problem worse for future years.

We need a commission that sees the bg picture of how to get out of this mess. Cutting into economic growth would be the opposite.

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