Monday, September 15, 2008

Information Regarding High Wind Storm

There's a lot of work taking place right now to restore power and full service/access Countywide.

Here's some basic information as you negotiate through the next couple days:

Energy/power: Duke Energy is working hard to restore power, and has made a good deal of progress overnight and this morning. Work crews are coming here from multiple states to help. Still, more than 500,000 people were without power as of mid-morning.

To report electric problems: 651-4182

To report gas problems: 651-4466

Web Site (includes information on their work to bring power back throughout the County):

Food: be very careful regarding any food that has been kept in your refrigerator or freezer:

- Any frozen food in a full freezer should be discarded after 48 hours
- If the freezer is only half-full, discard food after 24 hours.
- Our Health Commissioner made clear today that you should NOT taste food to determine if it’s still safe to eat
- If your refrigerator has been above 40 degrees for more than two hours, the food within should be discarded.

For questions, call the Health District’s Food Safety Hotline: 513-946-7949

Closed Roads:

For a full list of closed roads, go to

If you have any emergency-related questions, you can call our Emergency Operations Center at 263-8200. Or you can call my office directly, at 946-4409.

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