Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keeping Jobs, and Creating New Jobs: Economic Growth, One Step At A Time

Often, the big news gets the headlines, including with economic growth. A big company comes, a big company goes, and it's all over the front page. And no doubt, those are important events.

But as a region and a county, as much as the large players, the direction of our economy is set by the collective decisions of hundreds of smaller businesses every day. Whether to expand or invest. Whether to add jobs. And where to make these investments and expansions (here, or elsewhere). As important as they are, most of these decisions are never reported.

Except here . . .

Today, we approved an agreement that will lead to a major expansion of an important food distribution company in Lockland. Due to a recent buyout, the Lockland facility of Reinhart FoodService could have easily gone elsewhere, taking 139 full-time permanent jobs with it.

Instead, the County's development arm, along with Lockland, worked diligently to keep them here. With today's agreement, Reinhart will now invest almost $6.5M to expand their current facility. Not only will they retain 139 jobs, they will create 30 new jobs over the next three years. Their total workforce will have an annual payroll of $8,273,652.

In sum, retaining this company, and being the location of their significant expansion and future job growth, is great news for Lockland, and great news for Hamilton County.

Thanks to all those who worked hard to make this happen.

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