Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remembering a Great UAW Leader

Last night, I and many others attended the visitation for Charlie Combs, a longtime labor and Democratic leader in our community. Charlie passed away earlier this week, sitting at home in his favorite chair, after a long bout with cancer.

His obituary appeared today in the Enquirer, and it sums up his incredible career fighting for workers in our community, particularly through the UAW. (I can't find it online yet).

Charlie and his wonderful wife of 50 years, Alma, were two of the first people I met with when I decided to run for City Council for 2001, and they have been wonderful friends ever since. They both have been tireless champions for improving the lives of people in our community--and never shy about strongly voicing their opinion on issues in our community and the Democratic Party.

Charlie and Alma also raised a wonderful family, including their daughter Cindy Combs, who many in this community know for her excellent work as an Assistant Cincinnati Police Chief (the first woman to achieve that rank).

Charlie, and his tireless voice for workers in this community, will be deeply missed.

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