Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good News: Resolution Opposing Blast Mining Passes

Good news. As the Enquirer is reporting, Commissioner Hartmann and myself voted today (2-0, Todd Portune abstained) to support the resolution opposing the Martin Marietta proposal to conduct blast mining in Anderson Township, nearby numerous other communities such as Newtown, Terrace Park, Indian Hill and Mariemont.

Our resolution will now join all the other jurisdictions that have weighed in on the proposal as part of the public input process. In my judgment, it's a common sense decision: the risks and costs of the activity far outweighed any projected benefit, economic or otherwise, to the community.

Some key terms from the resolution were (link to the full resolution here):

WHEREAS, the following surrounding entities have all enacted resolutions in opposition to the mining proposal, concluding that the proposal would undermine the quality of life, property values, safety and health of their respective communities and residents:
· Village of Terrace Park
· Village of Newtown
· Village of Indian Hill
· Village of Mariemont
· Columbia Township
· Union Township
· Mariemont School District, and
· Milford School District.

WHEREAS, the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners represents citizens from communities throughout the County, including those in Anderson Township and the surrounding communities concerned by the proposal, and

WHEREAS, underground blasting would take place at least once each workday and would be permitted to occur as close as 50 feet from the property line of businesses, 250 feet from the property line of residences, and 50 feet from public rights of way; and

WHEREAS, the Martin Marietta property is in close proximity to several public and semi-public recreation areas; and

WHEREAS, expert witnesses presented evidence that the proposed mine presents risks of noise, light, dust, air pollution, heavy truck traffic, perceptible vibration, and lost value to surrounding properties and communities, and surrounding jurisdictions have expressed opposition based upon all of these factors; and

WHEREAS, the Anderson Township Comprehensive Plan calls for the Martin Marietta property and surrounding area to be used for office and light industrial development; and

WHEREAS, the presence of an underground mine as proposed might deter other types of job-creating and revenue-creating businesses, both office and light industrial, from locating on the surface in areas above or near the location of the mine; and

WHEREAS, along with all the jurisdictions that have expressed their viewpoint, the County Commission believes that the potential risks and costs, economic and otherwise, to the communities near this site, by all the above factors, far outweigh any economic benefits to the Township, surrounding communities and the County as a whole;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners, responding to the BZA’s request for public input as it deliberates on this decision, expresses its opposition to the proposed mining operation.

Thanks to all those who weighed in on this. And feel free to weigh in here, or at the Enquirer's comment section.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting the citizens of Eastern Hamilton County. You have identified many of the reasons that the Martin Marietta mine is a very poor choice for the proposed area. Thank you for your wisdom and leadership in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking action on this proposal. Your support and effort affirms for me that we are truly heard and represented in Hamilton County. I am very grateful to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you David Pepper!!! Thank you for speaking your mind. You and Commissioner Hartmann did the RIGHT thing. You stepped up and took a stand rather than hiding or saying we shouldn't do this just in case it doesn't go in our favor. Thank you both! The Hamilton County citizens of Indian Hill, Terrace Park, Columbia Township, Mariemont, Union Township and Newtown have all taken a stand and passed a resolution AGAINST mining. Last time I checked, in a democracy the majority vote should stand. Therefore when 6 Hamilton County local governments take a stand against 1, the vote is 6 - 1 and therefore it calls for the County Commissioners to take a stand. You have and I would like to thank you. Everyone I have spoken to thanks you as well.

Thank you for your leadership on this, thank you for your time, thank you for your research and thank you for helping us have our voice heard from the county level!

Hester Sullivan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support on the anti-mining resolution! Hopefully the BZA will consider the county action as an affirmation of what the surrounding communities have also been stating, and as an authority to which to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting the citizens of Hamilton County! It is so refreshing to have an elected official listen to all sides of the argument and then side with the best interests of the people. Lately it seems like most politicians vote for the biggest donor or their own interests, so your willingness to stand strong for the little guy is incredible. I don't think that this mining project is good for the Anderson area and it needs to be prohibited. Without strong support from a leader, the board may approve it. I really appreciate your concern and attention to this. Our country needs leaders like you!

Laura Stanton said...

Thanks again. And thanks also to Commissioner Hartmann. It's nice to see leaders take a proactive stand against this detrimental zoning request. All the adults and children (as well as all the other living things)that would be impacted by the negative environmental effects thank you for speaking up and doing the right thing.

Jeff and Stacy said...

Thank you

Jeff and Stacy said...

Mr. Pepper, thank you and Commissioner Hartmann for giving Hamilton County a voice in opposing Martin Marietta's mine proposal. Your willingness to engage and your leadership to take a stand in opposition is very much appreciated.

Jeff and Stacy Strebel
Union Township Residents

Cathy Burger said...

County Commissioners Join Opposition to Martin Marietta

At their meeting on July 1, Hamilton County Commissioners adopted a resolution in opposition to Martin Marietta's proposed underground limestone mine. Their resolution will be sent to the Anderson Township Board of Zoning Appeals which continues to hold public hearings on Martin Marietta's zoning requests.

The resolution was drafted by Commissioner David Pepper who really did his homework, attending some of the BZA hearings, reviewing Martin Marietta's application, and spending considerable time listening to residents of Anderson Township and nearby communities. Pepper said he was particularly impressed by the unanimous opposition by surrounding20communities, noting that Terrace Park, Indian Hill, Newtown, Mariemont, Columbia Township, Union Township, Milford Board of Education, and Mariemont Board of Education had all gone on record in opposition. He also noted that such a massive mining operation would likely discourage desirable development in the area, including office campuses and warehousing which hold far greater potential to stimulate the local economy. Pepper's resolution received the support of Commissioner Greg Hartmann. CABOOM is grateful to both Pepper and Hartmann for their thoughtful support.

Unfortunately, Commissioner Todd Portune refused to support Pepper's resolution of opposition. Portune spoke at length against it and even tried to substitute his own wishy-washy resolution which died for lack of a second. To add to the odd turn of events, when the roll call was taken on the Pepper resolution, Portune abstained.

Again, CABOOM is grateful for David Pepper's hard work on our behalf, and for Greg Hartmann's support. CABOOM urges all to let Pepper and Hartmann know you appreciate their bi-partisan support for our cause. And, while your at it, thank the mayors, council members, school board members, and township trustees from surrounding communities who have joined in our unprecedented wall of opposition to Martin Marietta.

With their help, we can win this one!!
Cathy Burger

Tina Hesser said...

History repeats itself.

DAVID again defeats "Goliath". The three stones you used were your concerns for Hamilton County residents, your words, and your actions. Congratulations on your victory.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is such an important issue for the health of our community!

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