Monday, July 13, 2009

Citizens Grab Prescription Drug Discount Opportunity

A program to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for County residents is off to a good start.

Since we launched in late January, through the end of May, 2,694 citizens have become holders of the County's prescription drug discount card. They have on average saved 20.63% on each purchase--or $9.51 per purchase. That's real dollars in your pocket, and tens of thousands in just a short time community-wide.

Thanks to all those organizations that are helping make this a success.

To get your card, or to get your organization, business, or community involved in the program, go to:

1 comment:

Code said...

Who came up with this program? It is a great idea, helping those who really do need it. I envy you that you have this kind of community leaders.

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