Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update: Resolution Opposing Mining Plan for Anderson Township

Today I introduced a Resolution at the Hamilton County Commission that, if passed, would voice the County's strong opposition to the mining proposal for the Martin Marietta site in Anderson Township.

I do this after 1) hearing from so many concerned citizens on the numerous ways this propose use would damage the community, 2) seeing the opposition of so many bodies of government in the surrounding communities, and 3) after listening to considerable testimony at several hearings. In my judgment, the potentially enormous costs to the community of this proposed use far outweigh any benefits that the community would ever see from the mining operation (to say the least!).

The resolution reflects the primary reasons citizens across the community are standing against this proposal.

I intend to hold a vote in two weeks on this issue, and then we will forward it on to the Board of Zoning Appeals as they begin to reach the final stages of their deliberations.

Thanks to the many citizens who have reached out and communicated to me on this important community issue.


Lorrie said...

Thank you for listening and standing up for what is clearly right.

Laura Stanton said...

THANK YOU! This made my day. I am happy to see a county commissioner sending a clear message in opposition to Martin Marietta's request to mine limestone. Thanks for doing the right thing.

Robin said...

I know that many more people than have posted are very appreciative of your involvement and support in opposing this terrible proposal. You have restored some faith in the role of elected and appointed officials serving the people and what is right.

Vanessa Scocchera said...

Thank you!
We need an Health Care Reform passed this year and elected officials who start to protect the health of their citizens.

Lynn Groh said...

Thank you this resolution. We live in the very southern part of Indian Hill, and are probably closer to the proposed Martin Marietta site than most people in Anderson Township; however, our community has no legal rights to approve or not approve of this mining operation. This is also true of several other communities such as Terrace Park, Mariemont, Milford and Newtown. This fact makes it imperative for the county to get involved. Thank you for stepping up to represent us all.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pepper -
Thank you for being a voice of reason and helping the citizens of my neighborhood. This process has, in my opinion lacked common sense. It is refreshing to know that there are leaders in our community that have the gift of common sense and will act on it.

Patty Normile
810 Miami Avenue

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Pepper,

As a non-Anderson, but directly-impacted resident, thanks very much for formalizing your stance and hopefully that of the entire Board. The "Whereas" clauses of the resolution say it all...Anderson is just not the place for such an operation.

Cathy Burger said...

Commissioner Pepper -

You did a brave and noble thing for this county last night and I would like to commend you on behalf of our community group CABOOM for making such a motion. We have been fighting long and hard on the Martin Marietta issue and the resolution you introduced sends a clear and powerful message to residents and the BZA alike that your interests are in
protecting us. Your timing is
critical and may just be the boost we need going into the final months of this case.

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Cathy Burger
Chair - CABOOM

Meghan said...

Thank you so much Mr. Pepper for taking a stand, and not being afraid to express your true opinion as an elected official. We all truly appreciate your incomparable assistance. Your leadership speaks volumes...

Jerry Poll said...

Thanks, Mr. Pepper. As you say, there are so few benefits for the community and so many problems from it. The truck traffic alone is reason enough to stop this. We appreciate your attention to this proposal that affects many communities near Anderson township.

jfahrenh said...

Thank you for recognizing my plight and that of the thousands of Hamilton County residents in more than half a dozen communities who live near the proposed limestone mine. Many, many thanks for acting on our behalf. I believe that allowing a zoning variation for such a mine would unconscionable and unjustifiable. There are too many environmental impact issues, such as increased noise, dust, and pollution in an ecologically sensitive area. There is the potential for blasting-related structural property damage. There is the likely negative impact on residential property values. There would be hundreds more heavily laden multi-axle trucks jamming our roads. And then there are the unknowns. For example, would the shock and vibration associated with underground blasting release deadly radon gas, which could seep into the basements of nearby homes? Such a large scale mining operation, in such a densely populated area and with so many recreational venues in close proximity, would be an ill-conceived public nuisance.

Joe Fahrenholtz
3711 Mt. Carmel Rd.
Anderson Township, OH 45244

Sue said...

Thank you, Commissioner Pepper, for exhibiting courage and a willingness to "stick your neck out" in order to support the best interests of your constituents. Those of us most directly affected by the proposed mining operation are very grateful for your proactive efforts on our behalf.

Emily Parker said...

Thank you, Mr. Pepper. Your leadership is altruistic. Our community is lucky to have you.

Poppy said...

Thanks for your support in opposition to MMM's mining proposal before the Anderson Township BZA. If this variance is granted, several Hamilton County communities will be negatively impacted both immediately and for generations to come. Your willingness to stand up for your constituents is very much appreciated and should add another shining star to your record as an elected public official!

Poppy Yeiser Hawkins
4360 Willow Hills Ln.
Southern Indian Hill, Directly above Proposed Site of Operations

Anonymous said...

One can't help but wonder what impact underground blasting would have on domestic pets and wildlife, who are much more sensitive to noise and vibrations than people are. I've heard tales of cats running away from areas where blasting was occuring.

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