Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Media Review

A couple stories relevant to things we're working on at the County.

1. Story on electronic monitoring units: kind of states the obvious that an EMU is not 100% substitute for a jail cell. But the point is: it's a very cost-efficient alternative (and in many cases, perhaps the best solution), especially at a time where we are low on resources, have an overcrowded system, and voters have spoken twice, loudly, about paying higher taxes for a new jail.

2. A pretty tough column on the Queensgate Terminal project: like 80% of almost 300 citizens who took my countwide survey, the columnist thinks moving forward is a good idea. Most of the commenters agree.

3. A big story on State efforts to reform our criminal justice system: there will be a lot of debate about this. We at the County will take advantage of every dollar made available to us to reduce crime and recidivism, and alleviate jail overcrowding--particularly the low-level cases that take up space and waste money.

On to a busy work week.


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

Why don't you lead a letter writing campaign, or something?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Mr. Pepper, "The Dean" only knows letter writing (never have won an election or a nomination), he doesn't realize the work you do for us everyday!

David Pepper said...

Thanks for the compliment, Anon.

I didn't take the Dean's comment as criticism, though--merely a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, very big shoes to fill.

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