Sunday, May 3, 2009

Informative Update on Port Opportunity

The Enquirer today provided a broader analysis and update on the Queensgate Terminals project I wrote about several weeks back. As I've said before, this is an opportunity all citizens of the City and region should know about, and weigh in on with their elected officials.

The Enquirer also wrote an editorial urging City Hall to solve the problem.

The choice is clear-cut: move forward to gain jobs and a long-term strategic advantage in this competitive global economy, or risk a multi-million dollar liability (paid for by taxpayers across Cincinnati) for an egregious government taking.

For more information and a video illustrating this important opportunity, go here.

And for another blog that's provided a lot of information, go here.


NO to the Queensgate Terminal! said...

Why don't we put this mess at the foot of Mt. Adams, Mr. Pepper?

This is another example of squirrel-brained politicians looking to dump more garbage on the west side of Cincinnati. It's not enough that you allow all of your human garbage -- Section 8, sex offenders, the entitlement class -- now you want to turn what should be a beautiful gateway to the west side into a stinky, noisy, industrial shipping hub.

Why don't you concentrate on building a jail, sir? So maybe our city's streets wouldn't be overrun with criminals we have no room to house.

The only thing this represents to you is money -- money from those who want to build it and are trying to buy your influence -- and money from tax revenue to keep fatcats like you living high on the hog in Mt. Adams.

If you think that turning this prime riverfront property into an shipping port is in the best long-term interest of Cincinnati, then you, sir, need to resign, because you haven't got a clue as to how to go about planning for her future.

Multi-million dollar liability: please. Stop the ridiculous threats about something that will never happen.

It's clowns like you that make people like us hate politicians.

Anonymous said...

How about the community councils and small group of opponents pay the millions in damages the City will have to pay to support their position? Why should the rest of the taxpayers of the City foot the bill for the absurd position being taken here??? Definitely a case where the interests of a few will cost all of us

NO to the Queensgate Terminal! said...

@ Anonymous above:

How about only the people in the streetcar loop pay for that stupid project? Definitely a case where the interests of a few will cost all of us.


Then maybe we can have a discussion.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny to see mr pepper get criticized for focusing too much on revenue, then criticized for not having enough revenue to pay for public safety stuff ... from the same person.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see Pepper make comments or support policies I find objectionable. I'm usually pleasantly surprised by his rhetoric and his actions.

I must say I can't quite understand the opposition to this project. Sedamsville and Price Hill have only declined as a result of industry moving out of the area. The same racist commenter ("No to Queensgate Terminal!") posts similar comments on a variety of local blogs under different names. His views are not representative of the general public. Queensgate Terminal looks like a dream come true to those who know our history and how we earned our wealth, beauty and culture. We were always noted for being an industrious city with a diverse and hard-working population, can't wait for Cincinnati to become that city once again! Mr. Pepper please continue to call attention to and support this issue!!!!!!!

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