Friday, April 10, 2009

Sharing Services: A Case Study

We talk all the time about the need to share and consolidate services in order to save taxpayer dollars and deliver better service, and we recently implemented this philosophy in the critical area of tourism.

As the Enquirer outlined online today, we will soon be consolidating from two convention and visitors bureaus, to one. The merger frees up hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and also allows us to have a unified strategy for marketing all of our county's assets, hotels and tourism attractions. In the long run, it should also bring more exposure to our Northern County hotels, because of the much broader reach and scope of the main Convention and Visitors Bureau's marketing efforts.

Taxpayers want to see us do more with less, and want to see us reduce redundancy and consolidate services where possible. In this important area, we've taken a step in the right direction along those lines.

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Anonymous said...


Maybe virg will think twice before he calls a future representative a clown ?

Well, we're not clowning around with wasteful spending.

Why expand that pancake-flipping facility, anyway ?

The virg cronies will have to get a real job !

Sharonvile - no lovett so leave it.


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