Thursday, April 2, 2009

CityBeat Recognizes PepTalk -- "Best Transparency"

I was thrilled yesterday to have this blog recognized by City Beat for providing transparent government:

"BEST TRANSPARENCY BY A PUBLIC OFFICIAL: Perhaps inspired by Barack Obama’s incredibly effective use of the Internet during his presidential campaign, Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper launched his own blog in July, called PepTalk ( Pepper’s blogging allows him to expound on the details of decisions by county commissioners in a substantive way that space-constrained media like newspapers make difficult. More interestingly, he doesn’t shy away from criticism like a lot of elected officials on the Web; he lets everyone have their say as long as they don’t delve into personal insults."

The major reason I wanted to start this blog was because the County has so much it can do, and is doing, to move our community forward--but so much of that work is lost behind a few issues that get all the attention. I'm glad CityBeat, at least, thinks that it has helped shed light on so many of other other issues.


Anonymous said...


I agree with this. I am a staunch Republican, but I believe your blog gives the most balanced perspective in town.

I really appreciate your willingness to publish sound, legitimate criticism of public officials. I feel that as a public official, living off of taxpayer money, you should have to answer to the tax payer and his/her criticism.

Thanks for giving us that opportuniy.

David Pepper said...

What a nice note. Thank you.

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