Thursday, January 22, 2009

Save $$$ on Prescriptions: Get Your County Rx Card

Last week, I announced that a key part of our economic recovery strategy was to help families who are being squeezed by this challenging economy. When you cut through all the policy and politics, middle class, working families are the ultimate engine of getting our economy going again. If families are secure in their home, making ends meet, confident and stable financially, and spending as they once did, our economy will ultimately recover.

Along those lines, I announced that we at the County can and would help our families in a number of ways.

One clear way is that, at no cost to the County, we have the ability to help our residents reduce the cost of prescription drugs. So today, we are introducing our Hamilton County Drug Discount Card, which will save residents an average of 20% or more on prescription drugs for which they are not insured. For some, this will mean hundreds of dollars in savings over the course of a year.

Much more information is available at the website

You can pick up your card at any local library, YMCA and a number of other locations. And they are accepted at most pharmacies.

Big picture, if residents are so squeezed that they can hardly afford bare essentials like medicine and energy, they will spend on little else--and our economy will suffer. If we lower the costs of those bare essentials, as we are doing today, we are putting prescious dollars back in their pockets, and ultimately into the economy.

Channel 9, Channel 12 and Channel 5 all provided good coverage of our announcement.

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Anonymous said...

(Drug not Dug).
Why don't they just have a County Resident Card at all the pharmacies and only require residents to show their id and prove residency to get the deal? (Unless there's more to it...)

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