Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deepest Condolences

A friend of mine was at the play and witnessed the tragedy that took place at Crossroads, and it was truly a horrifying and traumatic event. My heart sunk to hear the news this morning that the young woman passed away.

My deepest condolences go out to the family for this loss, and to the entire Crossroads community at this incredibly difficult moment.

(Note--because it needs to be said: While we all have gotten (too) used to negative and nasty internet/online/blog discussion around politics and other community issues, it is really sad and shameful to see some of the incredibly petty and mean-spirited reactions to this tragedy at the Enquirer's comment board).


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Pepper brought forward the acquiesce of our Greater Cincinnati community when it comes to cruel and vicious comments about individuals who have not thrown their hats into the public forum of politics. I couldn't agree more, the "face" of our community through these blogs is often telling stories of our hearts that is, in itself, disheartening.
Thanks, Pepper, for bringing the issue forward and calling us all out on our behavior - I think all of us have fallen down this slippery slope and need to stop the landslide of heartless cruelty and gross insinuations that hurt.

It appears the Enquirer has removed the commentry entirely - good move.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the Enquirer and I certainly think they should control comments. Some of the comments are un-believable. People will say anything and it's shameful and makes the Enquirer look really bad.

Condolences as well.

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