Monday, November 24, 2008

PepTalk Blog Vaults into FreeStore Lead!

While I promised not to trash talk, thanks to an incredibly generous donation earlier today ($5,000!!!), I am comfortable claiming that I have stormed into the lead of the Battle of the Blogs to help the FreeStore and the families it serves. My total is now about $5,300.

Thanks to all those who have given (through any blog), but particularly the incredibly generous donor(s) who gave this morning.

UPDATE: A story on Channel 5 this morning reported that 7,661 people stood in the cold and rain for emergency food at the FreeStore yesterday--a record, and a 19% increase over 2007:

Again, to give to the Free Store Foodbank, and take part in the Battle of the Blogs, do the following:

1) Go to the virtual store, and make your purchases: (takes 3 minutes)

2) Comment below, however you wish, on the amount you gave (I won't list names, but will keep track of the tally).


The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I call foul!

Anonymous said...

I call foul, too! You're doing the Clinton machine and the rest of us are doing the Obama thing. Now, I know you were a Clinton supporter - but foul, foul, foul! (LOLOL)
Dean - I think we should be tracking number of donations as well as amount of donations.

David Pepper said...

What can I say? I put out the word, and someone felt compelled to give generously. We should all be celebrating!

Oliver Road said...

Does this generous donor live in Wyoming?

The Dean of Cincinnati said...

I will not be celebrating; I will work tirelessly to defeat you!

In fact, I've already got word that someone may wish to defeat you on my behalf.

Game on!

Anonymous said...

Thansk for the opportunity, David. I gave $50.00.

David Pepper said...

The donor does not in Wyoming. And the donor is not related to me.

Anonymous said...

Glad you cleared that up - we all thought it was Mom. lol. So Uncle Chesley put on his St. Nick suit? Anyway - it's great no matter what. Let's see if the GOP can match THAT!!!

Southwestern Ohio for Cordray said...

I am happy to hear about the honest competition. NO matter who donates - our foodbank wins.


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