Saturday, October 25, 2008

County Assists in Hugely Successful Riverbend Expansion

In 2007, we at the Hamilton County Commission voted to facilitate the financing of an exciting new feature at Riverbend, doing so through our conduit debt policy.

The result? In its first year, the new National City Pavilion propelled a more than 60% increase in attendance at River Bend, making the venue one of the top-attended outdoor entertainment sites in the world.

The size of the Pavilion, 4,100 seats, allows it to book a whole separate niche of events and entertainers, and this year that included Sheryl Crow, the Moody Blues and Bob Dylan.

For the Enquirer's account of this great success, go to:
For a direct look at the facility, go to:

Even in tough economic times, this is another example that there are still ways to propel growth.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pleased with the expansion and the potential acts that may come to the area as a result. However, I certainly hope some of these $$ are being invested in improving the sound/acoustics of the facility. It's average at best in the pavilion seating and extremely poor if you're in the lawn compared to comparable (regional) outdoor facilities (dayton (fraze), indianapolis (verizon) and blossom in cleveland/akron).

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