Friday, October 10, 2008

Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community

Quietly, today marks a big day for our community.

As the respective representatives of the Transportation Improvement District from the County and City, I and Councilmember Jeff Berding are convening a group of leaders to organize our region to apply for and receive a designation, and ranking, as one of our nation's Bicycle Friendly Communities.

Whether it's for recreation, or commuting to work, or doing other everyday things, it's clear that more cycling is one solution to many of our challenges: energy, environmental, economic, quality of life. Those communities that are "with it" when it comes to bicycles are getting ahead, attracting new residents and visitors, enhancing their economies, and cleaning their air. (Just check out Loveland on a sunny weekend to see the effect it can have; or read what Louisville is doing:

Our goal is to join that club, and to do so in a unique way by including all the jurisdictions of the County. So we are gathering leaders of business, law enforcement, planning and engineering departments, transportation, bicycling advocates and enthusiasts, along with leaders of cities and townships alike, together to chart out our plan to get there. It will start with inventorying what assets we already have (a growing network of trails, some very active riding groups), and then prioritizing what else we need to do.

For more information on the Bicycle Friendly America effort, go to:

You'll see from the website how many ways, large and small, we can make our community more bicycle friendly. From public safety and awareness. To advocacy. To trails. To employers who make commuting to work easier. To more bike racks. To planning and design as we construct roads, development projects (the Banks!), etc.

The sky's the limit, and the work (and fun) starts today. We plan to use this application process as a way to think through, and then implement, everything we can do to maximize bicycle use.

If you're interested in participating in this community-wide effort, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! And, if we can get some of the federal dollars recently appropriated for railways, we will be on our way.

Anonymous said...
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Quim said...

Cleaning the roadways would be a good start. Gravel and litter collect on the side of the road effectively narrowing the road as the cyclist cannot safely ride in the debris.

Anonymous said...

I agree with quim. I ride to work 2-3 days a week and luckily I am on a "bike route" (Madison Road) for a good portion of my ride. However, a lot of debris finds its way to the sides of the road, whic narrows the path I can take. Either way, good job on taking the initiative, Mr. Pepper!

oriello said...

You might find our interesting as you plan for a bicycle friendly community. Best of luck both in your planning and in implementation! Send any ideas our way as well.

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