Thursday, September 4, 2008

Recycling Efforts Showing Promise

An amazing statistic I heard at a conference earlier this summer: Americans discard enough aluminum (which otherwise could be recycled) to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet every 3 months! That's an incredible number. And one we need to reduce drastically.

Well, Hamilton County is doing our share. For the first half of 2008 versus 2007, we increased our recyclables by 10 percent. As the Enquirer explains, "that's like recycling the weight of 114 school buses." Mt Healthy's recycling was up a whopping 77 percent!

And we're not stopping there.

Just yesterday, we approved the implementation of a grant we received for a pilot program in Montgomery, a partnership which rewards recycling in that community with all sorts of incentives (from local stores and businesses, etc.). Citizens there will have large, recycle-easy Tote carts that track, electronically, each household's recycling amounts.

We'll keep track of the results, and see what Countywide application this innovative approach might bring.

In the meantime, (as I look at two empty diet coke cans), recycle, recycle, recycle. We've got a lot of planes to build.

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