Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Sad Day for Ohio

What tragic news it was to hear about the passing of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting her a number of times, largely because we both were active supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign. And I loved watching her on cable television, where she did so many interviews over the past year in that role.

She was an historic figure in Ohio. But that history aside, it was her sheer force of personality that I always found so striking. Whether in person, or on TV, she was spirited, direct, tough and so full of energy--positive energy. No matter how intense or heated the moment, she always was enthusiastic, beaming an enormous smile as she delivered one verbal roundhouse after the next. Which made her all the more formidable.

All of Ohio lost a great leader with her far too premature passing today.


Anonymous said...

Your word portrait of ST-J was so accurate. Folks I spoke with in Cleveland Heights and at Case Western yesterday evening were so shocked. She connected her enthusiasm to her district. Still from the old "ward school" of political intention, her energy made you feel you could accomplish the impossible. PLAIN DEALER's story group is well worth the read and a few tissues:


Anonymous said...

Stephanie's contributions will not be forgotten. She touched so many of us and devoted time to those things she believed could make a difference. When I was president of our Ohio Association, I had the opportunity to work wit her at the state and national level. As CC prosecutor, she promoted the merits of pretial service agencies. Few prosecutors would be as thoughtful, or committed.

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